Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Change of Perspective

As some of you may know, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in November, 2007. My world was changed that day. Now staring down a much bumpier road than I was before, I was given an opportunity to look at things with a different perspective. Anybody who has been diagnosed with a serious illness will tell you that he never looks at life the same way after being given such bad news. Every good day becomes so much more appreciated. Life's little tasks, while seemingly mundane, turn into mini-triumphs to get you through to the next day.

Somehow, M.S. has been beneficial to me in this respect. Never before had I been so excited just to be able to walk up the stairs to my apartment, or take my dog Jack for a walk around the neighborhood. Never before had standing for 3 straight hours at the DMV been so gratifying.

But, alas, as my mother always told me, everything happens for a reason. I know, I know, it took me 23 years to realize that my mother is always right. Now here comes 23 years of Jewish guilt for not realizing it sooner...

Although I will never consider my M.S. to be a gift, I am thankful that it has given me an opportunity to see life in a new light. I am continuing to do the things that I love. Only now, they come with an added sense of accomplishment. Now, I don't mind taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or having to take the dog outside. Because, it'll be a much worse day when those things are not even an option anymore.

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Jim said...

MS can be a pain but at the same time a gift. Its out attitude that counts.